Check that origin server is functioning

Akamai servers may not be able to retrieve a requested object if the origin server is not functioning.

How to

  1. Locate the absolute URL portion of the ARL. To see how, check ARL syntax.
  2. Using the ARL and the absolute URL, request the object from the Akamai server. Use the Request Content (CURL) tool.
    • If you get a 5XX HTTP response, the origin server may be down.
    • If you see the object, go to the next step.
  3. Find the IP of the end user's origin server by doing a hostname lookup of the origin domain. Use the Get Domain Details (DIG) tool.
  4. In the command line, telnet to the origin's server port 80.
    No response from the origin server may indicate that the origin server is down.
  5. Use Request Content (CURL) to retrieve the origin server object from an Akamai edge server IP.
    Tip: You may need to do this if the client is using SiteShield, and the origin server responds to the listed IP addresses.