Missing object

Sometimes an object does not appear on a web site, possibly because of content or network issues. Take a look at the tables below to find probable causes of a missing object and learn how to investigate them.

Important: Before you begin to troubleshoot, collect the data to troubleshoot with the View User Diagnostic Data tool.
Content issues
Cause How to
ARL syntax is wrong Check ARL syntax
The object does not exist on the origin server or on one of the multiple origin servers Check that the object exists on the origin server
The MIME type is set incorrectly at the origin server Check the object's MIME type
The object is corrupt on the origin server Check that the object is not corrupt
The origin server is down Check that origin server is functioning
The origin hostname can't be resolved Check that the origin hostname can be resolved
Network issues
Cause How to
The last mile connectivity issues Check the last mile connectivity
The first mile connectivity issues Check the first mile connectivity
The object is corrupt in the Akamai server cache Check that the object is not corrupt