Review Request Control setup tasks

Review the high-level steps to set up your Request Control Cloudlet.

Before starting the Request Control configuration, review the overall setup process for this Cloudlet.

How to

  1. Verify that you can open Cloudlets Policy Manager:
    1. Open Cloudlets Policy Manager: > CDN > Edge logic Cloudlets.
    2. If you can't access the application, either contact your administrator or set up the roles and permissions for your Request Control users.
  2. If you want a use a branded response page when requests are denied, set one up.
  3. In Cloudlets Policy Manager:
    1. Create a policy for Request Control
    2. Configure rules for that policy.
    3. Activate the policy.
  4. In Property Manager:
    1. Add the Request Control behavior to the appropriate property.
    2. Activate the property on the staging network.
    3. Test the property changes in staging.
    4. Activate the property on the production network.