Modify sandbox rules

Quickly test rule tree modifications in your development environment.

Before you begin

This step assumes you are modifying an existing sandbox and know the sandboxID.

You can modify the rule tree within your sandbox to make changes to content-handling behaviors for testing purposes.

How to

  1. Get the sandbox.
    GET /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId}
  2. Choose a sandboxPropertyId from the response object, and get the rule tree.
    GET /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId}/properties/{sandboxPropertyId}/rules
  3. Change the content-handling settings within the rules object as desired for testing.
  4. Make a PUT request to update the content handling rules in your sandbox.

Next steps

Once you are satisfied with the results in your sandbox, you can use the Property Manager API to apply the rule changes to your property configuration.