Update request hostnames in sandbox

Add request hostnames to your sandbox.

Before you begin

This step assumes you are modifying an existing sandbox and know the sandboxID.

Your sandbox can support multiple request hostnames for testing purposes. Follow these steps to add request hostnames to your sandbox.

How to

  1. Form a JSON request body including the sandboxId and list the requestHostnames you want to test in your sandbox.
        "sandboxId": "123ab987c-6fed-54z8-a4d6-0242ac110002",
        "properties": [
                "requestHostnames": [
  2. Issue a PUT request to /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId} to confirm the changes.
    A 204 response confirms that the sandbox has been updated with the changes.

Next steps

Test site or property changes against the requestHostnames in your sandbox.