Update a sandbox with the CLI

Make changes to your sandbox.

Before you begin

This step assumes you are modifying an existing sandbox.

Once you have created a sandbox you can update it with the CLI. Use the update command to make the sandbox clonable, change the sandbox name, or modify the request hostnames for the sandbox.
Note: A request hostname is the hostname that the sandbox responds to when you enter it in your browser. For example, if you have a property configuration for www.example.com, you can create a sandbox based on that property but change the request hostname in your development environment to localhost or a series of other hostnames you want to use for testing.

How to

  1. Use this command: update [options]
    Note: The update command will execute against the currently active sandbox. Run the sandbox show command to see details for the current sandbox. If you want to update a different sandbox, include [sandbox-identifier] in the command line.
  2. Include the syntax for the modification you want to apply.
    Update sandbox options
    Syntax Description
    -r, --rules <file> Rule tree associated with the property.
    -c, --clonable <boolean> Indicates whether sandbox can be replicated by other developers.
    -C, --cpcode <cpcode> CP code for sandbox. Unique identifier used for billing and reporting.
    -n, --name <string> Name of sandbox.
    -H, --requesthostnames <string> Comma-delimited list of request hostnames within the sandbox.
    --recipe <path> Path to JSON file that includes customizable sandbox templates.
    -h, --help Display usage information.


These code snippets are examples of options for updating a sandbox:
  • Update the rule tree within a sandbox.You can Use Property Manager to edit rules and quickly create JSON syntax for the logic you want to test. For this example, the rule tree is in a file called example.json.

    akamai sandbox update --rules ~/<path-to-rules>/example.json

  • Update the request hostnames within a sandbox to a hostname you want to use in your development environment.

    akamai sandbox update --requesthostnames localhost,dev.example.com

  • Update the sandbox to make it clonable.

    akamai sandbox update --clonable true

Next steps

Review the Sandbox CLI READ ME for a complete list of commands and usage.