Make sandbox clonable

Configure your sandbox so other developers can create an exact replica in their development environment.

Before you begin

To complete this step, you need to have the sandboxID for an existing sandbox.

Use this method if you know the intricacies of your property configuration and you want to make it easier for downstream developers to create a sandbox based on settings you preconfigure.

How to

  1. Form a JSON request body that sets isClonable to true.
  2. Issue a PUT request to /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId} to confirm the changes.
    PUT /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/123ab876c-9def4-11e8-a4d6-0242ac110002
    A 204 response confirms that the sandbox has been updated with the changes.
  3. Instruct downstream developers to issue a POST request to /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/{sandboxId}/clone.
    POST /sandbox-api/v1/sandboxes/123ab876c-9def4-11e8-a4d6-0242ac110002/clone