Web Security Analytics

Web Security Analytics provides a unified and efficient platform to assess security events across products and capabilities, so that you can take informed actions.

Users can view up to 31 days of composite traffic across up to seven attack types, as well as traffic for individual attack types and their corresponding dimensions over a specific date range.

  • Attack Type—A composite display across attack types.
  • Common—Details of requests by specific generic dimensions.
  • IP/Geo Firewall—Details for requests affected by your network lists.
  • DoS Protection—Details for requests that triggered DoS (denial of service) protections.
  • Custom Rules—Details for requests that triggered your custom rules.
  • Web Application Firewall—Details for requests that triggered web application firewall (WAF) protections.
  • Client Reputation (Client Reputation only)—Details for requests flagged by Client Reputation.
  • Bot Management (Bot Manager only)—Details for requests flagged by Bot Manager.

In addition to viewing dimensions, you can also create alerts to monitor specified attack types and notify you when they are triggered, and you can view sampled logs of filtered traffic for further analysis at the request level.