Bot management (Bot Manager only)

The Bot Management dimension group provides data for incoming requests in several dimensions.

When you select a dimension, you can see the total number of requests, a graph with the average number of requests per second at given moments within the displayed time period, a table with additional details on the dimension, and a graphical display of request distribution within the selected time period.

Bot type
View requests grouped by bot type:
  • Unknown are bots that have no declared identity, but that doesn't mean Bot Manager knows nothing about them. Though the source is unknown, Bot Manager uses detected characteristics to dynamically "name" a bot using botnet ID, which you can search for in the Bot Intelligence Console to learn more.
  • Akamai are bots that Akamai has identified and categorized for you. You see these bots listed in Bot Manager under Akamai-categorized bots, and can set action by category. For example, you may want to allow all web search engines, but not enterprise data aggregators.
  • Customer are bots that you defined and categorized (under Customer-categorized bots) in order to allow or block requests.
Client type
See bot traffic grouped by requesting client types, which include:
  • Web client - standard telemetry are requests from web browsers that Bot Manager processes using first-party cookies to associate and transmit user behavior data. In Bot Manager, you set up your protected resources to use either standard telemetry or inline telemetry. Because the cookies are limited to a single domain, standard telemetry requires that a requesting page and protected resource to be on the same domain, or the process breaks.
  • Web client - inline telemetry are requests from to which Bot Manager attaches user telemetry directly. In Bot Manager, you set up your protected resources to use either standard telemetry or inline telemetry. You use inline telemetry when your protected resource gets requests from web pages on a different domain.
  • Native mobile app traffic comes directly from a native mobile application, like iOS or Android.
Bot category
The Bot Category dimension provides request data by Bot Manager category.

These could be: Akamai-categorized, custom-categorized, or unknown bots (those not officially categorize but which tripped the detection specified, like Unknown Bots (Session Validation Failed).

Botnet ID
The Botnet ID dimension provides request data by individual botnets.

If you want to view a particular Botnet ID in the Bot Intelligence Console, click its name in the Results table, and select View in Bot Intelligence Console from the menu.

Bot Score
If you're using bot score to set your response strategy, this dimension lists the number of requests by bot score ranges of 10.
Tip: To view these ranges by action applied, policy, and other additional data points, click Pivot on the right side of the list.
Bot Score Response Segment
If you're using bot score, this shows number of requests by the Bot Score Response Segments, which you use to set response actions for different bot score ranges.
The Rule dimension provides request data by individual rules.
Note: The rule name is the current name assigned to the rule ID. Should the name change during the analysis period, the new name is the one displayed.
Rule combination
The Rule Combination dimension provides request data by different combinations of rules.