Set up an alert threshold

Setting the alert’s threshold determines under what conditions it will trigger.

How to

  1. When creating or changing an alert, select the Threshold tab.
  2. Select either the Predefined sensitivity button to choose from three predefined threshold levels or the Advanced sensitivity button to define a custom threshold.
  3. If desired, you can group the request count by one or more dimensions—Connecting IP Address, Connecting Country/Area, Hostname, Path, Policy, and Status Code—by selecting them from the Group by Dimensions menu.
    When you group the requests by dimensions, the conditions based on which thresholds increase become more specific. For example, if you group by hostname and specify a threshold of 10, the associated alert will trigger only if more than 10 requests hit a specific hostname (for example, hostname A). If 6 requests hit hostname A and another 5 requests hit hostname B, the alert won’t trigger.