Web application firewall

The Web Application Firewall dimension group provides data in five web application firewall (WAF) dimensions—WAF category, rule combination, rule, selector, and match—for incoming requests.

When you select a dimension, you can see the total number of requests, a graph with the average number of requests per second at given moments within the displayed time period, a table with additional details on the dimension, and a graphical display of request distribution within the selected time period.

Attack Group
The Attack Group dimension provides request data by attack group (SQL injection, total inbound, and command injection, for example).

Refer to the Set attack group sensitivity topic in Cloud Security Help for information about attack groups.

Rule combination
The Rule Combination dimension provides request data by different combinations of rules.
The Rule dimension provides request data by individual rules.
Note: The rule name is the current name assigned to the rule ID. Should the name change during the analysis period, the new name is the one displayed.
The Selector dimension provides request data by selector, the HTTP property on which the rule triggered.
The Match dimension provides request data by match, the HTTP property value within the request that triggered the rule.