Configure alert settings

Alert settings include properties such as alert name, description, email addresses where alert should be sent, and alert priority.

How to

  1. When creating or changing an alert, select the Settings tab.
  2. Enter an Alert Name and, if you want, an Alert Description.
    Ensure these two fields are descriptive and meaningful. Both the name and the description are visible in the user interface and alert notification emails.
  3. If you want, enter the email addresses (Send to) to which you’d like the alerts sent.
    Note: If you need to send an alert notification to many recipients, use a mailing list rather than individual addresses.
  4. Select the desired Priority of the email notifications (Low, Medium, or High).
    Priority won’t affect how the system processes alerts, but rather is for your informational use.
  5. If you want to enable the alert right away, click the Enable Alert slider to move it to Yes.