To ensure quick and responsive experience we may use throttling in case of exceptionally high-traffic events.

Throttling starts when the number of events for a specific policy exceeds the threshold for over 10 consecutive minutes and stops when the rate falls below the threshold for 15 consecutive minutes.

You can see a message about throttling in progress when you mouse over the chart.
Usually only the real-time data is throttled and all the events are fully available after processing for historical data older than 3 hours.

Data type Throttling threshold Throttling rate
Real-time 55 000 per second 9100 per second
Historical 130 000 per second 65000 per second

For example, when the threshold for the real time data is exceeded, the throttling rate is 9,100 per second, which means that each minute the platform will store the first 9,100*60=546,000 events.