Review diffs

Review diffs by accepting or unaccepting them.

Before you begin

You need to display test results details. To learn how, see View test results.

The summary information in the upper right corner of the Test results window helps you assess your confidence level in the safety of your configuration changes.
  • A green dot indicates that all test cases and IP versions configured in the test definition were executed and that all diffs were accepted.
  • A yellow dot indicates that all diffs were accepted but that only a subset of test cases or IP versions were executed by the test run, so confidence is lower than it could be if all test cases and IP versions were executed.
  • A red dot indicates that at least one outstanding diff remains unaccepted. It means that a configuration error may not have been ruled out.
To learn more about the diffs, check Test results concepts.

How to

  1. Expand test case results.
  2. To review each diff separately you can either:
    1. In the Diff accepted column, select either Yes or No for each diff.

    2. Next to a particular diff, click the magnifying glass button.

      In the Response header window, in the Diff accepted column, select either Yes or No.
  3. To review multiple diffs, for either a test case or a hostname, next to the number of diffs found, open the more options menu and select either Accept all diffs or Unaccept all diffs, depending on which option is available.

  4. Click Save.

Next steps

If all of the diffs represent desired or expected behavior, you can return to Property Manager to activate your configuration changes, confident that they won't cause problems. If some diffs still show undesired or unexpected behavior, you can return to Property Manager to adjust your configuration changes and re-test them with Test Center before activating them.