Clone multiple test cases

If you want to adapt existing test cases to new configuration changes, you can clone the existing test cases with changed conditions, test requests, or client profiles.

How to

  1. In Test Center, in the left menu, click Functional testing and then go to Test cases.
  2. In the master list, select test cases you want to clone.
    The Action dropdown menu appears.
  3. From the Action dropdown menu, select Clone test cases.

  4. In the Clone test cases window:
    1. Optional: If you want to include the test cases in test suites, click Select test suites and select test suites where you want to include those test cases. If you need to create a new one, then to learn how to do it, see Create a test suite.
    2. Select whether you want the cloned test cases to use the same Condition, Test request, or Client profile.
    3. If the selected test cases use different conditions, test requests, or client profiles, you need to select which of them you want the cloned test cases to use.
  5. Click Save as new.

What you should see

Test cases are cloned.